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Developer JOYCE ANN Delaney
BundleID com.xx.LookingForChange
Version 1.0
Size 15.6MB
Released February 14,2020
Updated February 14,2020
Support https://docs.qq.com/doc/DZHJ6S3pndWFOTVRL
Language Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


Suppose someone comes to you at the cashier and gives him / her the money he / she bought from the store. You have to give him change. Choose different coins from the given and give him / her exact change. You need to select all the appropriate coins to calculate the remaining change. You can use different coins of different sizes to repay the change, such as one more coin or two five coins, depending on you, you just need to give him / her the exact change. Install the application, enhance your change skills, improve your change ability, and hope to help