OnForm: Video Analysis


  • OnForm: Video Analysis
  • OnForm: Video Analysis
  • OnForm: Video Analysis
  • OnForm: Video Analysis
  • OnForm: Video Analysis
  • OnForm: Video Analysis


Developer OnForm, Inc.
BundleID com.onform.onform
Version 0.4
Size 55.9MB
Released March 27,2020
Updated March 27,2020
Support https://support.getonform.com
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 13.0

Promotional Text

Remote coaching tools have never been more needed, and OnForm is here to help by making remote video feedback and communication simple.


OnForm is a new, mobile-first video analysis and coaching platform that helps athletes analyze their form, get feedback and stay in touch with their coaches. It helps coaches improve the skill level of their athletes via simple, yet powerful tools like slow motion, video markup and voiceover recordings. With OnForm’s built-in 1:1 and group communication capabilities, coaches can easily stay in touch with their remote and in-person athletes. For coaches running a business, OnForm’s athlete management, smart video storage and private communication features are a great way to stay organized, save time and grow revenue.

What can you do with OnForm?

* Reach athletes no matter where they are. Generate new revenue by providing remote consultations and training to your athletes. 
* For in-person athletes, provide instant visual feedback with our slow motion, markup and analysis tools. 

* Seeing is believing. With our easy to use voice-over recording and markup tools, easily pinpoint key areas for improvement.
* Share this feedback with athletes 1:1 or to a group so that they retain and improve from your insights. 

* What gets measured, gets done. Provide feedback without having to be on a voice call or in-person.
* Stay in touch with your in-person athletes while traveling.
* Ensure your athletes and teams put in the work they need to improve.

* Simplify your life and get your time back by organizing your teams and 1:1 interactions.
* Easily monitor and communicate with dozens of athletes.

* Record high speed videos at up to 240 FPS on supported devices. 
* Fine scrubbing, slow motion playback and video markup tools help you go further than what’s achievable with just your device’s camera roll.
* Record voice-overs to capture your feedback. Voice-overs are instantly created and shareable at the tap of a button.
* Organize videos by athlete or team. Sort by private or shared videos, set titles to easily locate and search through your videos.
* Videos are automatically synced across all of your devices. Storage space on-device is smartly managed. 
* 1:1 and group chat helps you exchange videos, training information and coordinate logistics.
* No need for yet another username & password, uses built-in AppleID.



After our initial free period at launch, we will be offering simple and transparent pricing. 

Just $7.99/month or $79/year to manage unlimited HD and slow-mo videos with the ability to connect with up to 2 other athletes or coaches.

For coaches and teams with additional needs:
$19/month to manage up to 10 people, that’s only $1.90/for each person.
$49/month for up to 50 people, that’s only $1.63/for each person.

Are you a club coach or administrator? Bundle our fees into your club’s pricing:
$99/month to manage up to 50 people, only $1.32/month for each person.
$149/month to manage up to 75 people, only $0.99/month for each person.

We also have offerings for larger organizations with yearly prepayment discounts.