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Developer IGG.COM
BundleID com.igg.ios.wildbrawlers
Version 1.1.719
Size 607.5MB
Released March 3,2020
Updated March 11,2020
Support https://www.igg.com
Language English ,Chinese
Rating 9+
Compatibility 9.0


Wild Brawlers - Battle Royale Shoot 'Em Up!

[Game Features]

*Competitive free-style PVP shooting battles
In Wild Brawlers, there is only one rule: get out there and shoot 'em all! Challenge players worldwide to a fast-paced shooting battle in under three minutes. Now's your chance to prove your worth!

*Features dozens of fan-favorite animal Brawlers
Pick your favorite Brawlers among a cast of quirky animals with unique personalities and playstyles.

*Multiple innovative game modes to choose from
Wild Brawlers features a plethora of classic game modes like Capture the Flag, Battle Royale, and Tower Defense, with innovative random stage elements to keep things interesting! Stand your ground on an ever-changing battlefield!

*Recruit Pet minions with powerful Abilities
Pet minions are more than just adorable battle companions. Their unique Abilities allow you to freely customize your Brawler's playstyle! Experiment with different setups to find the combination that suits you best!