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Developer Ewen Edmunds
BundleID com.WhiteLeopardStudios.SpaceShooter
Version 1.1
Size 53.0MB
Released August 25,2019
Updated September 30,2019
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


Fight your way through infinite space in this arcade adventure! You pilot a spaceship that must use its weapons to take down approaching ships and asteroids while dodging enemy fire. 

Embark on as many runs as you want, and survive as long as you can. Compete on the leaderboard and try to take down all of the bosses!

Spend the gold you get from defeating foes to upgrade your ship on the run! You can choose to upgrade your basic firing power, equip the ship with better sidestriking abilities, or maybe give it a stronger laser? Upgrades last for only the current run so you can experiment as much as you want!

Earn tokens on every run to unlock new ship skins! Skins are purely cosmetic but will add style to your game.