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  • Idle Mafia Boss
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  • Idle Mafia Boss
  • Idle Mafia Boss


Developer ALPHATIER Studios
Version 1.2.9
Size 333.8MB
Released September 27,2019
Updated October 12,2019
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


Welcome to - New York City during the prohibition era - an amazing idle, underground business opportunity for an underdog like you who dreams of being the mafia godfather! 

As an underdog start new underground organised crimes and become the most respectable and influential idle mafia boss in your district to finally conquer the whole city and be a mafia boss - the godfather.

It’s time to build an idle mafia underground empire! 


• MANAGE your workers to improve their productivity by hiring gangster-managers 
• EXPAND your mafia business through various idle criminal activities 
• COLLECT idle money, even when you are offline! 
• INVEST your money to grow your idle underground mafia business 
• CONTROL every distillery, bar, casino and money laundry in New York City 
• RULE all city districts as highly respectable gangster and later the Idle Mafia Boss 

Create your own mafia story. Be the godfather and take care of your familia! 
Grow your underground businesses - distillery, bar, casino, money laundry and more!

 Become a part of the best idle game about mafia that was inspired by a true mafia story and live a life of a real idle gangster!

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