AR Tanks

First APP Base Optimization

  • APP Name

    The title is too short. Brand Words + Jargons Words

  • Subtitle

    The subtitle is ok. Jargons Words + Related Words / Function Words + Public Suffix Word

  • Keywords

    Core and Related Product Words, Public Words, Related APPs' Keywords, HotSpot Words

  • Icon

    Beautiful and conform to the industry characteristics

  • Description

    Focus on the first three lines. Easy to understand and read. Don't contain too many keywords

  • Screenshots, videos

    Beautiful, functional, characteristic and distinctive

Second Keywords Coverage Optimization

Compare with related APP
# APP Total Keywords Num TOP3 TOP10 HOT≥4605
Current AR Tanks 404 1 1 228
1 AR Tank Wars 28 2 2 13
2 World of Tanks AR Experience 124 0 2 56
3 Smash Tanks! - AR Board Game 445 2 3 235
4 Monzo - 数字建模游戏 1577 18 52 866
5 孤胆车神:维加斯 2498 241 600 1584

According to comparation and analysis, your APP's Keywords coverage may need need to optimize: Advising you to increase the quantity of Keywords to 4000, and the number of TOP3 Keywords increases to 6, the number of TOP10 Keywords increases to 16.

Improving Keyword Coverage
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Third APP ranking Optimization

Based on the analysis of the keywords of the competing APPs, we can help you find the keywords (The hot is between and ) that suit your current focus:

# Keywords Hot Current Rank Advice Predict

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