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Developer Sherin Jacob
BundleID xyz.getsecret
Version 1.2.3
Size 47.0MB
Released August 2,2018
Updated April 9,2019
Language English
Rating 17+
Compatibility 10.0

Promotional Text

You don't need a Finsta or an anonymous Twitter account anymore. This is one place where you can be yourself and be respected for it.


Secret is an app where

- it's okay to be "not perfect".

- you can be yourself without any filters and people will still love you.

- you won't need a blue checkmark to prove it's you.

- you can express yourself without being judged by others for having an opinion they don't share.

- you and your thoughts matter, not the trending subjects.

- you see what's in people's mind right this moment without letting an algorithm determine it.

- your privacy is respected.

- your data isn't sold to a third party.

- your identity is unknown even to the app developer.