Veterinary discussion


  • Veterinary discussion
  • Veterinary discussion
  • Veterinary discussion
  • Veterinary discussion


BundleID com.veterinary
Version 1.3
Size 12.7MB
Released November 14,2015
Updated May 22,2017
Language English
Rating 17+
Compatibility 7.0


The main goal of this application: 

1) Local veterinarians , veterinary students and veterinary technicians will be connected to form a local professional network.
2) Local veterinary specialist and general practitioners collaborate to solve difficult cases.
3) Educate pet owners and farmers by sharing case summaries, exciting images, videos.
4) Public and pet owners can search local veterinary listing from this app.

Unique features:

1) Veterinarians, veterinary Technicians can choose their discussion as private discussion between veterinarians or Technicians only.
2) Veterinarians have separate folders for each specialty. veterinarians can choose news feeds and updates from specific specialty folders. 
3) Whenever a veterinarian posts a question in a specialty folder all subscribed veterinarians and specialists within a defined radius will be notified. 
4) Veterinarians, Veterinary students and Veterinary Technician can Share exciting images, case summaries or new technology with public whenever they want to educate public
5) Whenever veterinary technician or students posts a question all eligible users who subscribed to this folder will get notifications, news feeds. 
6) Veterinarians, Veterinary technicians and students identification is verified prior to using this veterinary discussion app.
7) Profile page to display your veterinary clinic website, contact information.
8) Pet owners and farmers can join the public forum, ask questions, see publicly shared case summaries, information, updates from the local veterinarians in their area.  
9) Comments in public folder will be notified to all users who subscribed feeds from public folder including Veterinarians. 
10) Option to Share images, videos,  case summaries publicly on google plus, twitter, Pintrest, facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc. from your Iphone.
11) Pet owners can search nearby veterinarians from this app and call them directly from this app to schedule appointment.